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Retrato de perro con flores
Letering “Mamá Italia 2020” con watercolor
Realismo blanco y negro Craneo de ciervo
Letering “Alma Gara”
Realismo blanco y negro Game boy
Letering “Rosa María”
Dog comanchetattoobilbao

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Japan's High Court says "Tattooing is not a medical act"

Japan's High Court says "Tattooing is not a medical act"

The Supreme Court has ruled for the first time that tattooing people without a medical license does not constitute a violation of the medical practitioners law.

The decision was made on Wed...

TattooYa! Stand 27 - Tattoo Show Argentina 2020

TattooYa! Stand 27 - Tattoo Show Argentina 2020

We was the 6-7-8 of March 2020, Stand 27 of the worldwide Tattoo Show Argentina, with 5Jinetes.

Here some pictures of the Stand and the T-Shirts with other supplies from Am...


Alkimia Tattoo Vegan Tattoo


Estudio de Tatuaje en La Laguna, Tenerife
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